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Assam is a northeaster state in India, and for being far from major cities in India, the day-to-day problems of people are not addressed on a regular basis. The state is dominated by Hindu population, which comprises over 60% of the total population. Rajat Nayar, who is a known Bollywood and celebrity astrologer, is now expanding his services to the state of Assam so that you people do not have to go to other regions to seek genuine advice from trustworthy astrologers.

The state also faces problems of employability in several sectors, which leaves people with limited career opportunities. If you are facing unemployment or confusion regarding career options, Rajat Nayar will help you to achieve the desired success in life. This is not a hollow promise like most bogus astrologers make! Rajat Nayar is a globally known expert astrologer who has changed fortunes of many prominent people in Bollywood, television industry as well as politicians. This time, he has walked up to your doorstep to ask you what your problems are, all you need to do is put faith in the man who has a vast experience of 33 years in astrology.

Apart from a leading astrologer, he is the best astrologer in India to help you solve your problems. In Assam, he will provide services like astrology, numerology, palmistry, gemology, tarot card reading, vastu shastra, fengshui, handwriting analysis, etc. to help you achieve success in everyday aspects of life such as health, career, study, relationships and match making, real estate, stock market analysis, family planning and other factors that may be bothering you.






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