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Feng Shui is a Chinese philosophy that aims at harmonizing everyone according to their surroundings. In this aspect, it is quite akin to the Indian philosophy of Vastu Shastra. With its rising popularity in Seattle, vulnerable souls are often duped into buying fake Feng Shui devices, which are claimed to bring about incredible results in terms of happiness and prosperity, wherever they are installed.
Before we are lured into buying these devices, one should have a good knowledge of what we are getting into. To begin with, Feng Shui means wind and water. The term Feng Shui was initially used in ancient Chinese texts in context with the design and architecture of burial sites. However, this ancient science, got suppressed during the Cultural Revolution in mainland China, but later regained its popularity by leaps and bounds.
It is based on the fact that any geographical location, building or an artifact has an inherent ‘Qi’ (pronounced Chi ) associated with it. Qi is nothing but the energy or power inherent in that entity or space. It can be good qi or bad qi. The arrangement and design of the building, place or artifact can have an effect on discouraging or encouraging good or bad qi. Feng Shui also considers the arrangement of everyday appliances and objects used in our daily lives.
Authentic Feng Shui devices that are sold on the internet merely ward off bad qi or invite good qi. Some specialized devices have a specific effect on the inhabitants of the building. However, to have a proper impact on the lives of the people of an abode or workplace it is necessary to consult a Feng Shui master to design and plan the abode in all its entirety.
For those residing in Seattle, if you want to get your home or office evaluated and conform to the Feng Shui standards and requirements, you can contact Rajat Nayar, a well-known astrologer in Seattle, He comes with an experience of 33 years and has in depth knowledge about Feng Shui. He can provide you with an excellently planned abode as per Feng Shui standards, guaranteeing a happy, healthy and prosperous life to the inhabitants. Telephonic consultations are available.







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