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Those looking for a good Indian astrologer in Sydey should look up Rajat Nayar, a consultant astrologer, with over 33 years of experience in this field. He has lakhs of satisfied clients and an impressive amount of testimonials. His accurate predictions and practical solutions have gained him a lot of popularity in the last few years. He is regularly featured in many national and international television shows and newspapers.
Rajat Nayar, who has done extensive studies in the ancient science of astrology and can be conveniently consulted over the phone or the internet to provide authentic astrological methods to cure ailments and problems. He is also the first person to have introduced the concept of exclusive, customized pendants based on a personís birth chart. Apart from astrology, palmistry and numerology, Mr. Nayar has significant knowledge about Vastu Shastra, does personal visits for a complete Vastu analysis. A wonderful Sydney astrologer, Mr Nayar is worth a visit if you are suffering from a major life crisis or need some valuable insights. He can be contacted for telephonic consultation from Sydney as well.







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