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RajatNayar is 33 yearsexperienced astrologer with a remedy specialization experience, coming on television channels from past 19 plus years. He is famous in most cities of India like Gurgaon, Manesar, Kundli, Sonepat, Chandigarh, Bhopal, Mumbai and many others. Mr. RajatNayar’s astrology fences in any problem-solving from share market predictions, real estate, commodity market, to marriage hurdles and pregnancy problems. He helps solve all your problems with aunique combination of astrology and numerology, vastu Shastra, jyotish, apart from this he also provides Vastu consultancy, vastu visits, feng-shui consultancy as well. He also dealswith gemstone consultancy and tarot card readings. Currently, he is also offering consultancy services in many countries like England, Sri Lanka, and New Zealand and in many others.
His spell bounding personality has been solving problems worldwide with his predictions and scientific remedies. Followers of Rajat Nayar astrologer, numerologist include some of the well-known personalities and celebrities from Gurgaon, Delhi & Major citites of India, who have been following his consultations continuously over a long period and have gained benefits by following him. Many of his followers are actors, actresses, producers, directors of Hollywood and Bollywood and also many cricketers, sports persons and common people also.RajatNayar astrologer is extremely dedicated towards his work and has helped millions of his clients solve their problems from roots.






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